The Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

About RRC

Red as a sign of warning is particularly relevant in the context of impressionable youth. At an age when sex is an adventure, an exploration of intrinsic desire, the thought of danger is far, far away. Yet, it is this group, defined by curiosity and boldness that is extremely vulnerable to AIDS. Youth is a nation's future. They are the trend setters, the leading lights of every home and therefore very influential. Target them and you target the nation.The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) is a voluntary on-campus intervention programme for students in colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu.The first RRC was formed in Periyar University, Salem, in June 2005.It has since acquired a momentum that will be a huge resource in Tamil Nadu's and India's fight against AIDS. The programme aims at harnessing the potential of educated youth and helps them to be the educators among their peers in the entire campus and the community at large.



The ideation and administration of tyhe programme are done by the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, USA (CDC). A state RRC coordinator supervises the programme in all its aspects. The core team is made up of five regional managers, each in charge of five to six districts in Tamil Nadu, depending on the concentration of colleges. They, in turn, send out 24 field officers who directly interact with the colleges.