November 1, 2021 |

Redbird Flight Simulators arrive on the ACE campus!

Redbird Simulator

We are grateful to Redbird Flight Simulations (Redbird), who makes aviation accessible by using modern technology and careful engineering, for their continued support of the Aerospace Center For Excellence (ACE) and its educational and tourism eco-system! ACE recently installed 20 desktop training devices designed to support a variety of learning and training objectives in the Ramus Skylab Innovation Center. The Redbird Jay flight simulator’s location in the Ramus Skylab Innovation Center will be named the “Redbird Flight Simulation Laboratory”.

Redbird collaborates with ACE to revolutionize aviation through a flight simulation system that provides unheard-of training value. The Redbird Flight Simulation Laboratory will support ACE participants in gaining valued training and will provide immediate impacts within our STEM, aeroSTEM, and aviation educational programming. Josh Harnagel, Redbird’s VP of Marketing, remarks, “The simulators give the Ramus Skylab Innovation Center the flexibility to offer structured, self-guided training, but also incorporate simulated flight into its K-12 STEM programs and laboratory learning experiences.”

Redbird Flight Simulations of Austin, TX, was established in 2006 with the specific purpose of making aviation more accessible by using modern technology and careful engineering. Since its inception, Redbird has delivered innovative, reliable, and high-quality training devices to flight schools, colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and individual pilots worldwide. With more than 3,000 devices in service, Redbird has quickly become the fastest growing and most innovative simulator provider in the industry.

The primary mission and focus for this initiative are, to remain accessible to students who ordinarily might not receive the chance to truly fly an airplane. The first task for ACE and Redbird includes professional curriculum developers who aim to develop short team lessons and educational units geared toward the entry-level flyer and non-flyers. Robin Kirk, ACE’s Dean of Academic Affairs and Museum Sciences, maintains, “This sponsorship from Redbird provides the necessary equipment we need at ACE to provide kinesthetic learning and get our community up in the air flying. Thank you so much, Redbird, for all you do, and this amazing opportunity. We encourage the public to come to visit our campus and see this amazing partnership in action! With sponsors like Redbird, the sky certainly is just the beginning here at ACE.”

Redbird Flight Simulation Laboratory will create a whole new opportunity on the ACE campus for flight training. Attendees will learn in the 8,000 square feet of new convertible educational/event/exhibit space that can transform from one large space into separate laboratory classrooms or exhibit space via movable partition walls. We look forward to seeing the Redbird Jay flight simulators in action at the Ramus Skylab Innovation Center. Newly appointed ACE Executive Director Daryl Price believes, “The generous benevolence of Redbird will allow the Ramus Skylab Innovation Center to reach new heights of educational application by providing hands-on training and realistic virtual experiences to not only young students but participants of all ages through the opportunity to put themselves in the cockpit and their hands on the controls to experience the unmatched joy of controlling flight for the very first time.”  To discover more information and availability of the Redbird Flight Simulations (Redbird) partnership with the Aerospace Center For Excellence (ACE) through the Ramus  Skylab Innovation Center in Lakeland, FL, please contact Robin Kirk, ACE Dean of Academic Affairs and Museum Sciences at 

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