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Robin Kirk designated as the Dean of Academic Affairs and Museum Sciences at the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

Robin Kirk

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Robin Kirk as the Dean of Academic Affairs and Museum Sciences at the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

Robin Kirk has been with the Aerospace Center for Excellence since June 2021 and substantiated her role in ACE’s educational programming. With dedication and commitment, she contributed to the training and education of museum staff on how to design execute from blueprint to budget and the building of the finished products and installations. Robin has showcased ingenuity and meritorious implementation of programs and initiatives that continued during the grand opening on August 4th of the ACE SkyLab Innovation Center, the re-opening of corporate offices, and the relaunch of the ACE Florida Air Museum. President and CEO John Leenhouts remarks, “Those of us who were fortunate enough to call ourselves her colleagues will forever be grateful for the chance to work alongside her.”

Now, Robin has taken on the role of ACE’s Dean of Academic Affairs and Museum Sciences, our first-ever here at the Aerospace Center for Excellence. Her role has expanded to focus upon the development of educational public events, post-COVID successful model of a collegiate internship program and high school junior programs, community outreach, and deeply needed professional development opportunities for public STEM educators. This new role has been designed to meet the ever-growing needs of our organization. Robin reports, “As a non-profit serving an international population, it is incredibly important to meet the needs of our local community here in Polk County. STEM education is at a critical crossroads right now. It is my honor and privilege to take on this role as Dean here at ACE and work shoulder to shoulder with some of the most talented aerospace professionals in the business.”

One of the newest initiatives recently developed is the Scale Model Gingerbread Competition done in partnership with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. The theme for this competition is, “The sky is just the beginning…Adventures in aerospace and aviation”. Entry categories are elementary, middle school, high school, collegiate, amateur/family, and professional. Businesses may enter both amateur or professional with the exception of professional architecture, home design, and aerospace/aviation companies. K-12 students, families, collegiate, and professionals are encouraged to build a scale model gingerbread replica of an architecturally significant building or aerospace/aviation object of their choosing, structures are to be aerospace and aviation-themed. As this is the inaugural competition, there will be no individual or group categories and registration is FREE! Limited Registration space is available on, first come first serve basis! Be sure to register now to save your spot! For specifics of the competition including, rules, submission requirements, deadlines, and resources visit: https://aceedu.org/education/gingerbread/

From her previous positions and renowned national reputation as a STEM Lead Practitioner, Robin will be an epic empennage that provides stability to the academic and museum science efforts at ACE. As a pillar of strength for the learning community, her reliability and supportive nature will serve future aviators that pass through the entire ACE campus and its partnerships. Join us in congratulating Robin on her new role, and future successes.

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