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Where are they now? – Justin Dal Colletto

By: Cathy Jilbert

Justin after his first solo in 2017 at KBOW

Since receiving his Private Pilots License at the age of 17, Justin Dal Colletto has had a fruitful career by the age of 22. Looking back to when Justin was in high school, an attendee of Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA), he initially did not want to become a pilot. “Most of my time in high school, I pushed off applying for the scholarship, as I did not think I wanted to be a pilot… What a mistake that was! It wasn’t until my senior year that I finally decided to apply, as I realized how unique of an opportunity the program was.” He further added, “There are not many 17-year-olds that can get the chance to pursue their Private Pilot Certificate in High School, let alone for free on scholarship. I was fortunate enough to receive the scholarship a month after I applied and dove right into my training.”

By the time Justin took his check ride, he was seven days away from his 18th birthday. He had around 45 hours and completed his training within ten months.

After Justin graduated from CFAA, he enlisted in the Florida Air National Guard, where he currently serves part-time as an Aerospace Propulsion Journeyman on the F-15. At his unit, he serves as the Engine Shop Training Monitor, where he assists the shop supervisor with ensuring training tasks are completed and up to date for close to 30 Airman.  Today he holds the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard.

Justin at his promotion to Staff Sergeant

When he completed Basic Training and Tech School, he pursued his aviation career further. He worked in flight training operations for a 141/61 flight school as well as doing recruiting for a Part-135, all while completing his Instrument rating, then transitioned to where he works today, Flight Schedule Pro. In asking Justin to explain his current role, he explains, “I currently work as an Account Executive for Flight Schedule Pro (FSP). FSP develops enterprise management software for flight training organizations, flying clubs, and college & university flight departments. As an Account Executive, I work with existing customers to tailor our software solutions to their unique operations and expand their usage of the platform. I also lead product demonstrations, oversee trials, generate quotes, & spearhead contract negotiations. My current territory is the East Coast.”

Justin’s goals for the future include owning and managing his very own flight school. “With the demand for pilots continuously climbing, the need for flight training organizations has never been higher. Being a part of developing the future generation of American aviators has and always will be a passion of mine, and that is why I would love to have my own business working in that arena.” Justin states.

Justin and his father at the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2019

Outside of his aviation career, Justin has been a volunteer for SUN ‘n FUN and Civil Air Patrol for years. He started Civil Air Patrol at the age of 12 and was a part of the cadet program throughout high school, eventually making the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel. Today, he is a Senior Member within the organization. Justin has also been a volunteer during the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo for a couple of years and was a summer camp counselor during the Aerospace Center for Excellence’s summer camp program. Outside of volunteering for SUN ‘n FUN, Justin has enjoyed attending SUN ‘n FUN with his family and friends for years.

When asked how the scholarship impacted him, Justin replied, “I say it quite often, I do not believe I would be where I am today, with the success I am experiencing, if it wasn’t for the James C Ray scholarship. The scholarship allows you to set a goal (Earn your PPL) and supports you in achieving that goal. As a young adult, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when I finished my flight training. It’s something that most people in the world will never do.”

His advice to the future generation of scholarship recipients is, “If you plan on making a career in aviation, your network is everything. The connections you will make during flight school, whether it be your instructors, fellow students, other aviation professionals you see around the airport, could very well be people you will be working for or alongside in the future. This industry is small, and word travels faster than a private jet. Remember to make good first impressions, and always be planning for the next opportunity, as it might be just around the corner!”

Here at the Aerospace Center for Excellence and SUN ‘n FUN wish Justin the best of luck in his current and future endeavors! To learn more about the Ray Foundation, click here.

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