Welcome Amazon!



Dear Amazon Air Team,

Thank you for making time to visit our campus next week! We are very excited to have Amazon Air as our new neighbors, and hope that your brief visit will inspire you to come and spend more time with us in the future.

On this page are links to several resources that will tell you a little about the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

The PowerPoint linked to the right has some brief descriptions of the various components and functions of our facility. (Please pardon if there is a delay in loading, the presentation has a number of videos and the file is quite large. It will load, I promise!)

We have also included a link to our most recent Leading Edge Magazine, which keeps our contributors informed about our latest developments and achievements.

Finally, below the Leading Edge you will find links to the websites for each of our major components. We hope you find this information informative and not too overwhelming - there's a lot going on here!

Again, we sincerely appreciate your making time to visit, and hope that you will not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have at any time. Welcome!

Kind Regards,

Greg Gibson

Chief Marketing Officer / Air Show Director
Aerospace Center for Excellence

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