Skylab Innovation Center

Within the Skylab Innovation Center, we offer interactive laboratory and classroom space for formal and informal Aerospace and STEM learning. Skylab is an important learning extension of the Florida Air Museum. It also leverages partnerships with higher education & technical training partners who utilize the ACE facility to expand their curriculum, instruction, and workforce training programs.

Redbird Flight Simulator Laboratory

The Redbird Flight Simulation Laboratory was made possible by the generous donation of 22 Jay Velocity Simulators from Redbird. The primary purpose of this lab is to give students hands-on experience of what goes on in the cockpit of an aircraft and to understand the basic fundamentals of flight. Experiences within the lab will enhance students’ knowledge of aircraft and their operating procedures.

Siemens Engineering Laboratory

Many of the best designs come from collaboration. This laboratory is a space that cultivates community and emphasizes the learning opportunities in every failure and success. A collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring, and sharing, where you’ll have access to real tools, materials, and mentors that will help you turn your creative ideas into reality. It’s all about creativity and experimentation!

Drone Laboratory

Unmanned aerial systems, most commonly referred to as drones, are used in various fields today and continue to expand into many others. In the Drone Lab, we have over 30 drones and focus on their application in career fields such as surveying, mapping, public safety, search and rescue, photography, and marine biology.

Science on a Sphere Laboratory

Science on a Sphere is a system that projects images onto a sphere to be observed from practically any angle. This allows for a unique experience where you can view planets, moons, or even real-time weather without reducing the object onto a flat map. There are over 170 Science on a Spheres worldwide, but ACE’s sphere is the only one that can be lifted to the ceiling, allowing the room to be converted into a usable hangar space. There are currently 100 datasets loaded into the system, including all the planets of the Solar System, moons, real-time weather information, and even a real-time view of the Sun. There is also the ability to add custom datasets, allowing us to project practically any spherical object.

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