Bahamas Relief

Bahamas Relief

SUN ‘n FUN worked with Mike Z. at the Lakeland Aero-Club and John Walsh to deliver about $600 worth of supplies to the Bahamas last week. Ron Garl contributed to the efforts as well. Lakeland Aero-Club members loaded the inventory, made the manifest, and calculated the weight and balance report for the flight. We delivered hammers, toilet paper, paper towels, rope, batteries, bug spray, tool kits, nails, and tarp, but they are in need of more. The airports are still not open for landing, and many are still without power. I’m not sure if most people realize the country is still not recovered from the hurricane, and they need relief.

Please join us by donating one of the items listed above including:

  • Bleach & cleaning supplies
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Bottle drinking water (cases)
  • Children/ teen/ infant clothing & shoes (no used items)
  • Blankets (New only)
  • Bedding (New only)
  • Baby diapers, wipes, pull-ups
  • Adult depends
  • First aid kits
  • Hygiene kits (soap, deodorant, lotion, tooth paste, tooth brush)
  • Kitchen sets (dishes, cutlery)
  • Pillows (New only)

Contact John Walsh at 727-272-0843 for more information

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