Economic Impact of Private and Sport Aviation Study

A graduate team is conducting a study on the Economic Impact of Private and Sport Aviation at the George Mason University School of Business. The team members provided some exciting insight into a business solution that is in-line with current and future market trends.  

Aviation is thrilling, awe-inspiring, and filled with adrenaline. Private aviation has also become a safe mode of transportation and pleasure. But while reliability and safety of flying have improved exponentially, so have the associated costs.   This transition has resulted in a significant portion of aviation enthusiasts grounded, unable to afford such an expensive hobby.   

This study addresses the challenges of increased costs associated to private and sport aviation for plane owners, pilots and enthusiasts by focusing on three major components: 

  • Measuring utilization rate of aircrafts  
  • Exploring cost variables associated with flying time, plane ownership maintenance and other financial considerations 
  • Gauging level of investment (in terms of money and time) in aviation 

As part of their research, they have developed a survey that solicits feedback on pilots’ personal experiences and costs associated to Private and Sport Aviation. Pilots, aircraft owners and enthusiasts are requested to participate.  

The survey may be accessed at the following link:                                  

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