SNF16 Innovation Preview

Free SnF16 Publicity Op for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Introducing SUN ‘n FUN Airborne Innovation Preview (AIP)

AIP is a massive news teaser, an invitation to build serious BUZZ and promote all the amazing innovations that make SUN ‘n FUN one of the most outstanding examples of ingenuity and aero-entrepreneurialism. Period. Over the course of a few hours, in the days preceding SnF2016, a number of carefully screened companies will have the chance to participate in an expertly produced online news program produced by ANN/Airborne/Aero-TV that will whet the whistle of the aviation population with 10-20 short 3-4 minute online multimedia presentations offering a glimpse into what will be REALLY NEW at SnF2016 this year.

And as the kickoff to the 2016 flying season, how could this be anything but REALLY valuable to you and the rest of the aviation community?

The multi-hour program will be distributed by SnF, ANN, and Aero-TV, and will be made available to a number of media outlets for distribution in the hours before SnF16 opens in order to build greater anticipation and to further cement SnF2016 as a focal point of aviation innovation in the Aero-Verse.

The entire AIP will be posted and distributed to dozens of venues and syndication venues the week before the event and will be available in perpetuity on ANN, YouTube, Vimeo and other outlets. Additionally, following SnF16, each AIP segment will be posted individually to a unique AIP channel on YouTube (and other venues) for future viewing, linkage and use.

Please take a moment to read the program document for full details, rules and instructions. Your presentation can be as simple as a few PowerPoint slides so don’t hesitate to learn more!

Please note the deadlines for inclusion is March 11, 2016 (or until available slots are filled).

Contact Info
ANN:, 863-299-8680, Skype: aeronewsnet

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