Scholarship Spotlight: Abbie Kellett

Auburndale resident Abbie Kellett has been around aviation her whole life with her dad’s career centering on the restoration of World War I aircraft. She had opportunities to fly frequently when she was young, so when she heard about the SUN ‘n FUN flight school scholarship, she jumped at the chance. She began training in 2013 and completed private pilot certification, multi-engine endorsement, and tail-wheel endorsement within 11 months.

Abbie is currently a junior majoring in communications at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. She has accumulated approximately 250 hours of flight time and is currently working toward her instrument rating.

“I plan on making a career out of aviation,” said Abbie. “My ultimate goal is to have the opportunity to use my flying abilities as a means to aid other people and have considered such opportunities as the United States Coast Guard, the National Parks Service, and the Kenyan Wildlife Service.”

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