Scholarship Spotlight: Gregory Holden

Thanks to a SUN ‘n FUN scholarship, Greg was able to earn a private pilot’s certificate in about a year while attending high school. He also received the Top Gun Citation of Merit Award and Scholarship, which will help fund his education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University beginning this fall.

“Attending Central Florida Aerospace Academy was what really kick-started my passion for aviation,” Greg said. “I was surrounded by a culture of people who loved to fly and SUN ‘n FUN gave me the opportunity to earn my pilot’s license. That is how I learned that I was great at flying and that I loved the sky.”

Greg is looking forward to attending Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach where he plans to major in Aeronautical Science with a Military Pilot specialization.

“My plan is to earn my degree and then enter the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant where I will be a military pilot, preferably in larger planes and not fighters,” Greg explained.

“SUN’n FUN gave me the opportunity to connect with people who share my passion for aviation and they made my high school experience so much better. I won STRATOS my junior year and that allowed me to experience SUN ‘n FUN’s Air Expo as a VIP. They have supported many programs at CFAA and gave me the opportunity to stand out in my small high school aviation community.”

Winning the Top Gun Citation of Merit Award and Scholarship is a high school memory he will never forget.

“I worked hard during my high school career to do the best that I could and it was a fantastic opportunity to not only be recognized for my hard work, but to also represent Central Florida Aerospace Academy and SUN ‘n FUN as a whole,” Greg said. “I am humbled to have received the award and I thank all those who helped me earn it. I will never forget SUN ‘n FUN and I hope to participate in it in the future. Thank you all for helping me and giving me the greatest high school experience ever.”

Thank you, Greg, for setting the bar high and being a role model for younger students. We are proud of you and wish you continued success!

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