SnF16: 2016 Sky Cycle Raptor Series

Fly Hard Trikes, Inc, manufacturer of the Sky Cycle have teamed up to present the 2016 Sky Cycle Raptor Series. Wings To Soar is a Georgia based non profit organization who cares for and educates with non releasable raptors. Our 2016 Sky Cycles are designed after Osceola the bald eagle, Vika the peregrine falcon, and Cherokee the golden eagle.

Osceola is of particular interest in the aviation world since he is the only hang gliding bald eagle! Osceola was shot by hunters 33 years ago and had to have his wing amputated to save his life. in 1985, John Stokes, who is an author, hang glider pilot, and co-director of Wings To Soar designed a special hang gliding harness for Osceola and took him flying.   John and Osceola will be educating at Sun’N Fun April 8th and 9th. Osceola will also make an appearance at our exhibit, LP14 in Paradise City. John will be signing his book he wrote about Osceola,  An Eagle’s Sky: My Life As A Birdman.  A portion of the proceeds from the sell of  the Sky cycle Raptor Series will go to Wings To Soar to care for these amazing birds.

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