SNF16 Innovation Preview

SnF16 Innovation Preview Achieves Impressive Results

Innovative News Program Sets Early Records

The staff of the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In and the Aero-News Network are pleased to note that their first major collaboration, involving a novel Aero-TV/Airborne program designed to draw attention to the most innovative and aggressively oriented companies in the aviation universe, has received tremendous attention and kudos from throughout the industry.

Riding an ever-increasing wave of interest and excitement, the SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview, an extension of ANN’s exciting Innovation Preview series, has outpaced even the 2015 AirVenture Innovation Preview from Oshkosh 2105, in its first month of availability.

“This was a well-led win-win project for SUN ‘n FUN’s sponsors and exhibitors,” said John “Lites” Leenhouts, President/CEO of SUN ‘n FUN. “We’re thrilled with the response.”

ANN and SnF met and joined together in late 2015 to plan and present the first “SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview,” (called the “SFIP”), to highlight the incredibly innovative and news-making products that provided the ‘BUZZ factor’ at SUN ‘n FUN2016. It was meant not just to create BUZZ, but to build excitement for the spring kick-off to all things aviation. The program was released just days before the start of the Fly-In, on Saturday morning, April 2nd…

“Among the 70+ syndication partners we used to distribute this program, we’re pleased to report that over 80,000 views have been recorded for the nearly 68-minute-long effort. We’ve been working such programs for nearly ten years with AEA, EAA, and others, but we’ve never had a new program pick up so much attention this fast. As the vanguard of a massive new effort, which will include our much-discussed Aviation Transformation Conference, next year, we could not be more pleased to see this kind of interest in the companies and products that will determine the future of the ‘Aero-Verse,’” noted ANN CEO, Jim Campbell.

The SFIP allowed dozens of innovators to work with us over the past few weeks to produce informational video presentations with our media staff. The result was a comprehensive program containing nearly 20 short, 3 to 4 minute, online media presentations that offered a glimpse of what was REALLY new and innovative at Sun ‘n Fun.

While the main program has been active for a month, ANN has already broken down each of the individual segments into their own shorter video segment and published them on YouTube, Vimeo and other sources – where they will be archived in perpetuity.

For aviation to shine, you have to put a light on it…and that’s what we were doing at SUN ‘n FUN this year with our SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview — and there are even greater programs on the drawing board. No kidding.

As a matter of fact, ANN and our Airborne partners are already fast at work on the MASSIVE 2016 AirVenture Innovation Preview, produced in partnership with the EAA, and will start releasing the first details concerning eligibility and participation within a few days. Like all of ANN’s efforts thus far, there will be some dramatic new developments and efforts to ‘raise the bar’ with the latest “AIP.”

We promise that it will be our best yet…

Programming options for the SFIP16 and AIP15 are available at,,,, or

Each individual SFIP segment can be accessed and even embedded on private and commercial websites – via the YouTube playlist at: 

FMI:, 863-299-8680,,,,, or
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