SUN 'n FUN Radio Is Turning 20!

The Annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-in & Expo is hitting a benchmark April 1-6, 2014 as it celebrates 40 years of aviation fun and adventure, camaraderie and entertainment. SUN ‘n FUN is a globally recognized signature event on the annual aviation calendar.  It’s Florida’s largest convention and the largest airshow in the South!

Twenty years ago, as the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-in & Expo feted its 20th year, a media volunteer launched a new communications service for guests at the fly-in.something to augment the existing show daily and word-of-mouth. The 1995 event added the debut of SUN ‘n FUN Radio as one person worked in a cramped 5 X 6-foot room in the old Media Center to accomplish all the tasks from preparation to broadcast.   SUN ‘n FUN Radio succeeded, grew, moved, grew more and moved again over the years, becoming a stand-alone, volunteer broadcast service and internet streamer heard around the world today.

On its 20th anniversary, SUN ‘n FUN Radio plays a more significant role than ever as volunteers under the tutelage of the originator, Dave Shallbetter, continue to promote the myriad of events, participants, exhibitors and sponsors. Station facilities have grown slightly since the station was located in that tiny room in the old Media Center that now houses the Sea Plane Pilots Association Headquarters.  Now, you can find SUN ‘n FUN Radio adjacent to the Sunset Grill with its own offices, editing, production facilities and broadcast deck facing Club House Row. Nearly 40 SUN ‘n FUN Radio volunteers interview, produce and edit broadcasts as their programming is heard across the grounds and around the world thanks to the Internet and live streaming.   And, all that content originates on the SUN ‘n FUN grounds with SUN ‘n FUN participants.

Help us Celebrate and We will Celebrate your Help

The Interview Deck needs work and expansion, editing facilities are still being updated and a back deck would allow more people to visit the station away from the broadcasting center.  With these needs in play, SUN ‘n FUN Radio set some goals for facilities improvements that will happen with the help of underwriters and sponsors – benefactors who would be publicly credited in many different ways through the next year – to five years.  Read more about the opportunity to be a part of the SUN ‘n FUN Radio broadcasts as well as having a year round presence in social media and aviation websites.

Visit the website for details at for more ways to support on-going activities.

SUN ‘n FUN, a 501(c) (3) not–for–profit organization based in Lakeland, Florida, is best known for its Annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly–In & Expo.  The annual event is the primary source of funding for SUN ‘n FUN’s expanding year–round aviation education programs.   A growing scholarship program provides financial support to ensure SUN ‘n FUN’s ability to Build a Brighter Future through Aviation.  For more information on purchasing tickets or attending year round events, access SUN ‘n FUN’s website (

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