Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Caccioppo, #SnF16 Photography Chairman

#SnF16 - Joe CaccioppoJoe Caccioppo, affectionately referred to as Joe Cappuccino, has volunteered at SUN ‘n FUN for ten years. He started with flight line tours and switched to the photography team about five years ago. This year he stepped into the chairman position, which involved scheduling, organizing lunches and water, coordinating credentials, providing directions and transportation, and other details, including making sure each team member had some down time to enjoy the event.

What did he enjoy most? “I really enjoyed meeting all our new photographers and getting together with the ones from previous years,” he said. “As far as the actual show is concerned, the WWII Bomb Runs and blowing up stuff!”

Joe started organizing the team and the tasks a few months before the Fly-In. He wrote the help wanted ad and posted it in the website’s volunteer section. He interviewed and selected new photographers. He made sure everyone’s contact info was up to date and necessary supplies were ordered and distributed.

Throughout the Fly-In Joe kept everyone and everything on track. The result was he did not have time to take as many photos as he normally would have. “That was not a problem because our team took some phenomenal photos!” he bragged. “Better than anything I would have done. They are terrific and the best. I’m really proud of them all.”

Joe credits SnF creative manager Melissa Goodson and photography co-chairman Richard Spoler with providing a great deal of support that helped him successfully keep things going during the hectic week.

In addition to the annual Fly-In, Joe also helps and takes photos at SUN ‘n FUN’s Hanger Door Canteen, Aerospace Discovery Weekend, When Pigs Fly South BBQ, Classroom to the Sky, and “anything else that needs to be photographed,” he joked.

“I really like to help SUN ‘n FUN and be there for them. I have enough vacation days at work that allows me to do that. I also get to work with Richard Spoler and Ron Stiltner during those events – great people and terrific photographers.”

More about Joe, by Joe:

“I have enjoyed airplanes all my life. At one point I had over 70 model airplanes hanging from my ceiling when I was a young’un. After grade school I attended aviation high school in Long Island City, New York. From there, in 1974, I joined the U.S. Air Force and worked the communications systems on B-52 Bombers and KC-135 Tankers. Then I was transferred to the EC-135 Airborne Command Post program repairing communications while in the air. I retired from the Air Force and went to work as a Merchant Marine for Tidewater Marine supporting oil rigs. Then I came to Florida in 1999 when I got a job as a video electronics technician at SeaWorld and have been there ever since. I’ve been going to SUN ‘n FUN since I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS back in the mid-70s. It is my annual ritual.”

Joe lives in Orlando with his wife Seloua. He has a grown daughter, Angie, who is married and moved to Florida a few years ago. In addition to working at SeaWorld and volunteering at SUN ‘n FUN, he also has a comedy magician business. “Using my magic powers for good,” he said.  “Making people smile and happy, which is the reason I got into magic in the first place.”

Thank you, Joe, for all you do for SUN ‘n FUN!

For more information about exciting volunteer opportunities at SUN ‘n FUN, please visit https://flysnf.org////volunteer/.

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