James C. Ray Continuing Education Scholarship

To Apply:

  1. Create your profile at any time
  2. Fill out the application and upload required documents
    • Required documents include:
      • a.  Personal essay
      • b.  Current transcripts – to include community service hours and GPA
      • c.  Letter of Recommendation
      • d.  Government issued ID (Drivers licenses, passport, etc.)
      • e.  Any FAA certifications and/or copies of your logbook (if applicable)
  3. Submit your application between the 1st and the 7th of the month
  4. All new applicants will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants seeking grants from the Scholarship Fund will be evaluated on many factors, including, (but not limited to) GPA, community service history, extracurricular activities and personal recommendations from teachers and employers, and a personal interview during the application process. Eligible students must be a Polk County Public or Private High School Student or equivalent home schooled student residing in Polk County. A key element of the application is a short, thoughtful essay about the applicant, his/her career aspirations and the reason(s) for pursuing flight training…


Contact JCRScholarships@flysnf.org

CFAA Class of 2022
Alexander Banttari
Liliana Antunez
Iris Denner
John McCaskill
Parker Anthony
Hayden Gomez
Jake Foster

CFAA Class of 2021
Robert “Landen” Kincart
Michael “Cole” Robinson
Juksana Mai Ngam
Garrett Griner
Jacob Wiggins
Aron Yichye

CFAA Class of 2020
Christopher Lopez
Sean Stoltz
Noel Bell
Isaac Castellanos
Jonathan Fortin
Colin Jimenez
Autumn Richarz
Tyler Wood

CFAA Class of 2019
Austin Banttari – Polk State College
Thomas Jacobsen – Polk State College
Logan Farmerie – Polk State College
Christopher “Scottie” Larson – LeTourneau University
Cristina Rodriguez – Polk State College
Matthew Davis – University of Florida

CFAA Class of 2018
Angelo Aguliar-Polk State College
Justin DalColletto-Polk State College
Luke Liptak-Polk State College
Slade Rosamond-Florida Polytechnic University

CFAA Class of 2017
Carter Clay-Polk State College
Mikayla Cates-Polk State College
Jensen Houck-Polk State College
Jessica Jacobovitz-University of Alabama Huntsville

CFAA Class of 2016
Clayton McHough-Florida State College-Jacksonville

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