Understanding the World of Flight


Understanding the World of Flight

In the world of aerospace, the concepts may be overwhelming. Let’s break them down.

Weight and Balance

Why are the concepts of Weight and Balance so important to pilots? Listen in and find out for yourself. This activity includes a template for the airplane and some challenges to try.

Parts of an Airplane

When a pilot is about to take a flight, he/she will perform a Preflight to make sure the plane is ready to fly. But that means a pilot has to know the parts of their plane. Let's take a look at the parts of a plane!

Four Forces of Flight

Learn about the four forces of flight that act on an aircraft. Each force is demonstrated with a simple experiment that can be done at home.

Fundamentals of Flight

Lesson One

Flight Operations

Lesson Two

Radio Communications

Lesson Three

Aviation Weather

Lesson Four

Aircraft Performance

Lesson Five

Flight Planning

Lesson Six


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