Aerospace Pavilion

Aerospace Pavilion

10,000 sf | Capacity: 1,000

Covered, Open-Air, Stage, Prep Kitchen, Loading Dock, Restrooms, Parking

The Lunz Architecture Group describes the Pavilion in 2002 (one year after completion):

“Sloping steel columns tether the large “wing” of the pavilion roof to the ground. The tapered edge both visually lightens the roof structure while reinforcing its metaphor as a wing. The angled forms reference modern aviation design while the crossing pattern of the steel columns recalls the struts of an earlier generation of flight. The wing as a concept is simple yet appropriate in its emotional impact acting as a precursor to the prestigious Howard Hughes exhibit housed within the museum itself.”

Event space type: Amphitheatre

Atmosphere/Decor: Covered, outdoors, tree canopy, modern design

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